What is a Prosumer?

A Prosumer is someone who gives back to the community and
is proactive in their recovery!

Our Mission

To empower all people to transcend adverse life experiences and to inspire resiliency for all people to thrive while fulfilling their dreams.

Prosumers Take The Mentally Healthy Workplace Pledge!


Our Vision

All people living their life fully, with all the respect due to every human and
all the passion to live the life they choose.

Many people will find recovery accidently.
We believe that recovery should be on purpose.
Empowering consumers/survivors/ex-patients of mental health services to achieve recovery!

Prosumers has been around for the last thirteen years. We know the group makes a difference in people's lives yet we haven't evaluated the program. With the help of Dr. Maria Felix-Ortiz, we will start the process this year. What we do have are your stories about you or people you love and what the Prosumer Programs have done for you.

We use your stories for potential funders to consider funding us. Thank you for your time in filling this out. Recovery is Possible!

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What Happens in Prosumer Meetings?

Our meetings start with a meal or snacks and then we move into our empowerment meeting. Our meetings are designed to inform you, educate you, inspire you and help you to be the best you, you can be. There are a variety of topics that are facilitated by Prosumer Leaders. Check the current newsletter for the current topic. Everyone is welcome. There is no charge.

This group will help you feel better, do better and will help anyone be more successful in life. We utilize Corporate Training Techinques in many of the meetings. In our research project with the School of Nursing, it was found that we utilize a Salutogentic approach to wellness. Our focus is on wellness and staying well. The number one reason people stop coming to the group is because they have gone back to work or to school. That is an awesome statement. If you have lost your dreams, if you have lost your meaning of life, come join us for a meeting. You will find friends, knowledge and yourself.

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See the full report submitted by Ninth Session of the United States Working Group on the UPR Human Rights Council to the United Nations on behalf of people with disabilities and thier allies. Click here ,

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Prosumers attend the Mental Health Rally in Austin 2009.
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Home of the First Empowerment Concert

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